Erste Ausstellung in Asien

Ich freue mich dass ab Montag 9. Juni 2014  auf der 21. Korea Art International Open Exhibition in Seoul, Südkorea, mein erstes Werk in Asien zu sehen ist.



Work of  Elena Romanzin contributed for The 21th Korea Art International Open-Exhibition

Title: „Wehrabucht“

Technique: Acrylic on paper, varnished

Size: 30 x 40cm, (height x width)

Year of origin: 2014

Work description:

The work „Wehrabucht“ represents a nature reserve south of Black Forest close to Switzerland close to where the artist lives. The location is called Wehrabucht can be considered a perfect example for creating a recreation zone equally for rare, protected animals and humans. It has been initially created as a trade-off for a water power-plant at the close by river Rhine which helps the region to mainly stick to fully regenerative energy sources without any carbon foot-print. Such projects cannot be promoted and advertised enough.

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